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Do You Feel Like Your Horse’s Health and Performance are Suffering and You Don’t Know Why?

Many years ago, I realized there were aspects of my horse’s health that were getting overlooked.  My horses weren’t at the top of their game.  I decided to change that…





  • to put the power back into the owners hands to do something for their horse that would make a profound difference in the way their horse experienced life and health.

  • to be able to profoundly help every horse that I saw in a holistic way that didn’t require drugs, surgery or invasive treatments.



Alternative Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist NCCAOM Board Certified Certified in Animal Acupuncture

Welcome to Acupoint Therapies LLC from Rebecca Douglass

All living creatures have energy in their body. Whether you call it qi, prana, ki, or life force, it is the same. The flow of energy through the body is constantly changing and can easily become disrupted. Injury & trauma, poor diet, inappropriate exercise, genetics, poor sleep, toxins and exogenous pathogens can interfere with the body’s energetic balance. Even emotions such as anger, hate, frustration, worry, stress, fear and anxiety can disrupt the equilibrium. In today’s culture, both humans and their animals have trouble staying balanced and grounded.

Acupoint Therapies is all about returning the body to balance.  For once the body is off balance, problems arise. All too often, the imbalance is prolonged until not only disease has developed but also compensatory symptoms. For instance, unless due to direct trauma, physical symptoms develop last and indicate a prolonged state of imbalance. And even then, one can argue that if the body was balanced it would more easily deal with the trauma and return to health quickly and easily. Can’t these imbalances be prevented or treated? You bet! In fact, there are many holistic therapies used for prevention and treatment of disease.

Need I say…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Acupoint Therapies is here to welcome you to embarking on the journey of optimal health for both you and your animals.








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