Why You Need Regular Acupuncture Treatment To Feel Your Best

Do you realize how important regular acupuncture treatment is?

Are you giving you and your horses body enough attention?  I find that horses and riders as major athletes are not tending to their bodies enough.  Imagine this, you just got off work, fought traffic heading to the barn,  you jump out of the car, take a deep breath and go catch your horse.  In your rush to get in a ride before dark, you hastily walk your horse toward the light of the barn when suddenly he spooks, jumps right on top of your foot.  As you scream in pain, he panics, jerks away and runs off.  After your friends help you catch your horse you sit and nurse your bruised toes.  Your horse seems fine and your foot is just sore, nothing broken.

But, two days later you notice that you’re still walking with a limp.   You go to your doctor only to hear that it will just take time to heal but nothing is really wrong.    In the meantime, your horse seems out of sorts too.

What can you do to make sure you and your horse get back to greatness in no time flat.  GET SOME BODYWORK!

Complementary and alternative therapies are not meant to be a once in a while kind of treatment.  They are meant to keep the body in balance through the ups and downs of everyday life.  It is almost impossible for a body to remain in balance on its own.  Especially when subjected to stress, wear and tear and the hectic life of today’s culture.  Lack of body balance can manifest as a whole host of issues from muscle and connective tissue injuries to insomnia, headaches, digestive upset, organ dysfunction, emotional upset… the list is endless.

There are many ways to bring the body back into balance including massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, asian body work, yoga, pilates, qi gong, tai chi, alexander technique, feldenkrais, nutritional therapy and herbal therapy to name just a few.

And yes, I even need to remind myself not to neglect my body or my horses’ body because I run out of time, have too much going on or just too tired.   Luckily, my horses are always my best teachers and yet again they have  taught me a valuable lesson.

Most of you know how valuable acupuncture and craniosacral therapy has been to my black horse (Indy) that dealt with chronic pain issues.  Even me, who sees the results on a regular basis, still tends to forget that energetic work is my best line of defense when things go wrong.  But my chestnut (Dancer) has been quick to remind me.  In the past, he has received regular treatments because (1) I know how important they are for prevention (2) I see his performance blossom when he gets them and (3) well just because I can!   Most recently, Dancer started acting sore behind from starting more collected work.  Being the beginnings of an issue, he is not lame (so a vet probably wouldn’t be helpful) but I wanted to act quickly to prevent a major injury.  So, I rested him… no help.  Tried medication… no help.  Finally I went back to his regularly scheduled treatments and viola… Dancer is back to his ole self.

The message… get regular treatments for you and your horse.  Your body & your horse’s will thank you.  Believe me when I say that some prevention now will be well worth the savings in the long run.  I have seen it time and time again with clients, both human and horse.


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