Herbal Medicine

herb and pestleHerbal Medicine

If everyone knew they could prevent any disease with plant extracts, medicinal herbs, natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements, as well as having peace of mind-the pharmaceutical and medical industry would collapse overnight.

Using herbal medicine to supplement acupuncture treatments is a great way to daily influence your body.  Herbal recommendations are based on each individual pattern and differentiation.  Herbs are taken either dried, in a tea or in pill form.  Herbal supplements are great for horses too.  Effective and safe for problems like:

  1. hormone imbalance
  2. calming
  3. immune support
  4. pain relief
  5. ulcers and digestion
  6. cleansing and detox

Research has shown that over 40% of plants comprise key ingredients which can be used instead of prescription drugs.  There are as many as one hundred and twenty compounds which have been taken from plants, and 80 percent of those which are used in modern medicine have a positive connection between their modern usage and their traditional usage.  To understand the importance of herbal medicine, it is first important to learn a little bit about plants. Every plant on the planet creates specific chemical compounds which is a basic part of their metabolic function.

Herbal Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years with great success.  Given the holistic nature and the low chance of adverse effects, no wonder herbs are still popular in modern medicine to treat all sorts of diseases.  Here are just some statistics on herbal and alternative medicine use.

  •  One out of three drugs prescribed in Germany is an herb.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) rely on holistic medicine as their primary form of health care.
  • In 1993, American consumers spent almost $1.5 billion dollars on herbal remedies-ten times more than was spent on over-the-counter sleeping pills from grocery stores and drug stores.
  • Approximately $22 million of U.S. government money has already been spent on alternative medical research since 1992 at the National Institutes of Health and Public Health Services.



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