Essential Oils…Making Your Acupuncture Sessions More Effective

Essential Oils…Making Your Acupuncture Sessions More Effective

Life Change In A Bottle?

It’s not often I come across continuing education training that I am excited about.  That is until I took Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT) training through Snow Lotus with Tiffany Pollard.  I was excited to do the training just because it was something different.  Now afterwards, excitement doesn’t do it justice.  While the title doesn’t sound all that glamorous or even all that new, the effects I have personally experienced have been earth shaking profound.

This year has been really tough.  Stressful.  Experiencing loss.  Balancing an even busier schedule than usual and taking on more responsibilities (even if joyfully) left me worn out with no reserve.  This fall I crashed.  I was burnt out, exhausted and honestly losing focus on what was important and where I was going from here.  While I have tried to turn things around both physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, it was happening super slow and I was losing faith.  You know that feeling when you feel that there is something better and more in store for you but you can’t see through the fog to even know what it is?  Well, that was me.  Despite all my soul searching, me who usually has her hands in 20 different projects, couldn’t even find the energy to care.  Until…

The best thing about taking training in acupuncture or body work is that you practice on each other during the training.  That means that I got AAT all weekend during the training.  And I feel great.  I feel hopeful again.  I feel like the fog is parting.  I feel renewed to tackle my day, my projects, my life.  And am I relieved.  Why?  Because I am the queen of setting goals and going after them.  I enjoy it and I thrive on being involved.

So what is Aroma Acupoint Therapy?

It is the combination of essential oils and Chinese Medicine.  Basically, it’s using essential oils on acupuncture points (instead of needles) to re-balance the body’s energy for healing.   It’s powerful stuff.  While the traditional use of essential oils definitely is used in AAT, there are also specific uses for the essential oils according to Chinese Medicine.  You use the energetic resonance from the essential oils to heal the body and you combine that with the energetic benefits of using specific acupuncture points.

So for instance if you need to move energy (qi) through an area, you use acupuncture points that move qi and you use an essential oil that is moving and relaxing.  Another example is if you want to build energy, you use acupuncture points known to tonify and nourish qi while using essential oils that are strengthening and restoring.  You get double the effects but it’s so gentle that you walk away feeling phenomenal.  Even if you have a healing crisis where you experience what I call “growth pains”, the additive nature of using both the acupuncture points and the essential oils helps you through that process quickly.  That translates into being able to let go of negative patterns that no longer serve you and move on to be the wonderful person that you are.

That’s what I experienced.  I was able to process and let go of the negativity from this year.  I was able to cultivate hope for what this next year will bring.  I had the energy again to back it up.  I was able to recognize that which was no longer serving me and let go.  Best of all, I feel clearer in what my path should be even if I don’t know all the steps right now.  That’s why I say this is so powerful.

Looking Forwards

Starting in 2017, all my treatments will include Aroma Acupoint Therapy both for humans and horses.  Just like when I started Craniosacral Therapy (CST) 10 years ago.  CST was so helpful that I had to include it in all my treatments.  I feel the same way about AAT.  So that every body can experience the power.  Of course, if you want to request AAT and no needles that’s cool too.  In fact, the essential oils with cranio-sacral therapy is very powerful.  So please don’t forget that I offer bodywork too, not just acupuncture.

I also was very impressed with the company that put on the training.  While they offered their essential oils for sale during the process, they never pushed us to buy their product.  They talked highly of other essential oil companies too.  We obviously used their samples during the training and I found them to be excellent.  Snow Lotus has organic, extremely high quality essential oils and I will be using them.  You can look them up at if you want more information.  I will also be offering them for sale if anyone is interested.  Contact me directly at (410) 440-8875

So here is to a really good smelling 2017 🙂


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